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Discovering Yoga

and finding peace in my own skin My first week in rehab was a whirlwind. Therapists, counselors, group therapy, alumni reunion, and so much more I am sure I forgot in the overwhelming haze of it all. In addition to

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Quieting the Storyteller Mind

My mind is a storyteller. My mind, like yours, has one job – to keep me alive. One of my mind’s favorite tools to do so is to tell me stories. It tells me stories to keep me safe, to

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12,000 Days

When life and mortality collide I began this blog with a whole slew of ideas and subjects in mind. Many of them partially started and some just floating around in my mind. When I started this endeavor, the number one

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On Fear

Fear is a powerful driving force For as long as I can remember, I have been driven primarily by fear in a thousand different ways. I have been afraid of being too tall, too husky, too uncoordinated, too boring, too

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Diabetes Awareness Month

Thoughts as another awareness month comes to a close Today is the final day of Diabetes Awareness Month which doesn’t really mean anything to families living with diabetes. I know that might be a strange thing to read but the

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Why Having a Diabetes Community is Important

I often hear people living with diabetes say that they don’t want to participate in diabetes-specific groups or activities for a couple of reasons: “Just because I am diabetic doesn’t mean I am going to be friends with someone because

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